Hello, my name is Artis Pupiņš and I live in Europe, Latvia. I am a photographer with a passion for outdoor and documentary photography.
You will frequently find me with a camera, either digital or 35mm film, capturing the world's beauty. I enjoy traveling by car, absorbing the breathtaking beauty of mountains and forests. My travel companion, best friend, and wife, Laura, often appears in my photos.
I have a specific fondness for autumn and winter, the seasons that, in my view, reveal the most unique and captivating facets of nature. I recently returned from a trip to the French Alps, so expect to see some new photos from there.
In my daily life, I work as a Digital Development Manager at TV3 Group Latvia, a TV, radio, and digital media company. However, this portfolio serves as my creative outlet, a place where I share photos that feel special to me for various reasons.
I have created a photo book titled "Ziema" that showcases winter scenery images. This is my first attempt at capturing photographs in such a permanent format. The book is private, and I am personally gifting it.
Feel free to contact me via e-mail a.pupins@gmail.com
Thank you, and all the best to you.
Artis Pupiņš
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